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We're extremely RESULT centric with best STUDY MATERIALS incorporated with latest TECHNOLOGY & SUPPORT. We BELIEVE in building CONFIDENCE with best TEACHING METHODOLOGY.

Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident. - Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Knowledge With Skill Is The Most Important Criteria In Observing, Selecting And Developing Next Level Altitude In Biology.  We Make Sure How To Get Those Skills & Perform The Very Best In Each And Every Parameters.

Without The Best Teaching Methodology, Technology & Guidence – A Student Can Not Perform His/Her Cent Percent. The Right Path Is The Most Crucial Part In Any Learning Platform, So Be The “Right” At The Begaining.

We Do Mistake Thousand Of Times – Failure Is The Key To Success. Study With Our Professionals To Evolve Your Best Stability In Performance. Let Us Grow Your Potentiality In Biology.

What Our Students Have to Say

I had the oppurtunity to receive Papori ma'am's constant guidence for two years of plus taco life. She had been the most versatile mentor and guide for the crucial two years of my life. She taught us in a way that allowed us to grasp evrything in the classroom sessions itself. Learning Biology became the most exciting and interactive under her guidence. I owe a lot to her for my success in NEET examination 2020.
Archita Dutta
NEET 2020, Bio-97
I really enjoyed attending Papori ma’am’s class…. She made every topic interesting by making it virtual on board with her neat and well conveying drawings…even the tough topic were imprinted in our mind as she explained it so wel lno mater how many times we asked her doubts….. I must admit here that it is because of her that I have grown interest in this subject…. Also I will have to thank her for all the moral support she gave me during the tough times during my studies…. Thank you so much ma’am.
Manas Jyoti Goswami
HSSLC 2020, Bio-95
Papori ma’am has an unique way of teaching. The way she teaches made it easy for me to understand the difficult concepts . She is friendly and helpful. She cleared all the doubts that I had during the college hours, which in turn helped me a lot in my HS and other competitive exams. Lastly, I would like to thank ma’am for her help and guidance during my college days.
Hrishikesh Bhattacharya
HSSLC 2019, Bio-97
Ma’am’s way of teaching was very different. She taught us everything required for our board examinations which also includes the notes for competitive examinations. Many questions in entrance examination came from ma’am’s notes. I would also like to state one of the best features of her teaching , it was the way ma’am encouraged and motivated each and every student equally. Thank you ma’am for all your help and support.
Harshita Mahanta
HSSLC 2019, Bio-95
My overall experience with Ma’am is very inspiring. Ma’am helped me to improve the scores on tests. Without her support I would have not been last. Thanks a lot Ma’am for your support.
Chumi Bori
HSSLC 2019, Bio-94

Papori Ma’am is the best biology teacher I have ever meet in my life. Ma’am really teaches very good and have very good knowledge regarding every topic. Her way of teaching, the way of explanation regarding any topic is very clear and distinct. I feel relaxed and comfortable when she explains. I learned a lot about every topic of the syllabus. Thank you very much for your support.
Arindam Kalita
HSSLC 2019, Bio-90
Just after completing my HSLC board examination, I stepped into NKEM coaching institute. I was introduced to sir then you as my biology teacher. You maintained a friendly environment in class. Maybe, that’s the reason why I am still in touch with you. You helped us not only cover the syllabus, but also helped us clear our doubts. You don’t feel irritated to explain us the same topic over and over again, when we fail to understand. Moreover, you helped us a lot with our practicals. We hope, you don’t forbid your friendly nature, and I wish the best for your future.
Thank you so much..
Manash Jyoti Boruah
HSSLC 2019, Bio-93
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